Cohiba Gran Reserva

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Cohiba Gran Reserva. Bought these from Rob in December.

The construction was good. Looked as if it was just slightly under filled from the foot but the weight was good and the draw was a little on the loose side.


It opened up with wonderful floral and tea notes, body was just under medium and rich. The flavors were just dancing.


The finish of the first 1/3 brought it up to medium body and lovely honeysuckle notes road in like wild horses! The tea was still there along with some dried fruit and coca.


The end of the first half, at this point the cigar was showing off it's complexity in an arrogant but eloquent manner. It had allot to say, honey, dried fruit, tea, coca, and a little cedar. I'm loving it.


I reach the final 3rd or so and it began to get darker and heavier. Above medium now and losing the fruit aspect.


The Cohiba got very dark by the time it neared a half inch from the sub band. It was full body at this point and was almost harsh no flavors left except cedar. The burn was perfect though.

I would say these need a few more months rest. I kept them at 63% and it didn't need a dry box before smoking.

I would rate this one a 94. It had 97-98 potential had it not dropped off in the last half. I did love it though and plan on lighting another in a couple of months. ;)


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Thanks for the review! I have one lonely CGR that will be saved for another day, but the aroma is purely intoxicating. If it tastes like it smells, this will be a fun smoke!

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