S.U.Y.S. Dip 5

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Sundays always mean a hike with the dog. Why not show you my stick as well???

Here's my Hike Companion, Nala. She gets really excited and passive just before we leave.


The Dip 5 is from my cabinet that runs a little high on the humidity side, but she looks tasty.


The Dip 5 starts off nicely. Great construction and a little resistance on the draw. Opens just under medium body with the hallmark Paprika Sweet spice that also mixes in Milk Coffee and some Leather.


The ash is solid and the flavors in the first/second third are consistent with the opening remarks.


Here we approach the pines and as I enter the final third, the smoke becomes a little darker. I notice a little grassy flavor here.


Overall, the smoke rates an 88. Add a point if I dry boxed her for 24 hours, as the stick was a little on the moist side (which seems to dull the flavors just a bit).


Experience rates a 94...what's better than great weather, a walk in the woods and man's best friend?


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