La Gloria Cubana MDL1 (OSU ENR01)

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Look at these little girls! How beautiful they are! The cigar is long, 18,5 centimeters but very thin (rg 36).


My first one from the box. Expectations were high.

Cold smell was delicious sweet aged tobacco. Draw was little tight but not overly. Smoke was plentiful when it burned correctly.

From the first draw I knew the cigar was going to be great. First I got some pepper, roasted nuts and toasted bread which was the dominant flavor of the first half. There was some sweet notes too, some say they get honey or valilla from this vitola. If I imagined hard enough I could pick those two.

There's still some snow on my backyard that fell from the roof.


On the second half dominant toasted bread slowly turned into leathery taste. Sweet notes became more clear and turned into delicious milk chocolate! Mmmmm! There was also hints of manure (in a good way).

I would rate this cigar 5/5 if the burn wasn't so bad. I had to relight it twice and make frequent touch-ups to correct the burn. Humidity was 67 %, next time I'll try bit drier if it helps. Now only 4,5/5 but taste was just awesome and complex through the whole cigar.


Hey Prez, does this long cigar make me look smart? :P


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Great review of one of my all-time favorites.

Yes, they are best smoked somewhat drier than larger gague smokes.

Try dry-boxing one for a day or two.

I usually do this by putting one in a ziplock, where it will lose humidity slowly.

Looks like a great box, brother.


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Nice looking cigars. I've smoked a number of these from 99 only. One of the best 99s I've ever had. No draw problems to speak of. Medium bodied with a nice sweet flavor. Regarding humidification, I agree they should be smoked on the dry side.

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