Diesel Unholy Cocktail Review (first review attempt)

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Not sure if this review counts Rob because technically it was from last weekend?

Mini review on the Diesel Unholy Cocktail (on Easter Saturday to, tut tut) and ashtray christening. (I think this post may have some sort of religious undertones, sorry for any blasphemy no offence intended).

Smoking partner, also had some little water marks not dissimilar to some of my Cohiba's although no plans to smoke the frog anytime soon.


Then the hand of God (try hard Monty Python style) offered him a cigar but I don't think it was his favourite RG. (NB: no more poor attempts at humour).


The offering. Felt great in the hand, lovely looking wrapper and great tasting pre light draw, chocolate hints and maybe a touch of coffee? not sure.


And again for those who missed it the first time.


Old mate (he really needs a name) hung around for a while to suck up some second hand smoke and enjoy the company.

Opening - Nice draw tastes a little mild, plenty of smoke.


First Third - Still new to this reviewing gig but definitely some chocolate, relatively smooth, some slight burn issues but so far a nice little smoke.


2nd third - a couple of touch ups but still one side was persistently burning a little quicker. Apart from that lovely construction and starting to get a little more bite, chocolate fading.


Last third to finish - Chocolate well and truly gone now and I'm having to puff the hell out of it to keep it lit. Certainly burning hot and some of the flavour was lost in doing this. Again I believe I keep having these burn issues due to my humi's not being set up correctly. Also I had to literally snap the ash off, probably should have left it alone.


Finished, a nice change from all the young Cuban's I've been smoking and I always appreciate the excellent construction quality.


I will have a crack at a Cuaba Distinguidos over the weekend and try another review.

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Couple of friends really like the Diesel lines. I've never tried them, can't get over the name. Maybe I'll pick one up tonight. Thanks for the review.

I havn't tried these either, but would like to. I think they have a Pennsylvania broadleaf wrapper, and have never tried a stick with one. Thanks for the review!! I want one of those ashtrays, do you know where I might find one online?? Shawn...

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This was my first Diesel and must admit I'm looking forward to getting a box. Definitely a fan of the PA broadleaf wrappers.

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