HDM Hoyo Corona MGT ENE 06

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-Good looking Colorado wrapper, well built other than the fact the wrapper seems loose all around

-Pre draw is sweet tobacco

-Initial puff is toasted tobacco with a slight hint of White Pepper

-Nice cocoa/cream aftertaste during 1/3

-Some tannins, cocoa, mild leather and long aftertaste of maple syrup

-Bought this as a single, and couldn’t find any places selling boxes of these currently since they are discontinued in 06

-Mild profile during 1/3

-Start of the 2/3 reminds me of Malt Balls candy, very chocolate/creamy sensation

-Maple aftertaste is consistent still with a hint of coffee

-Very enjoyable Corona so far, Medium in 2/3

-Last 1/3 continues coffee/cream/syrup flavors……very rich in flavor

-Surprised how creamy this cigar is

-Last 1/3 finishes like the 2/3, very nice all around Corona

-This was my first HDM Corona but not last if I can find some more






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