Please check my Esplendidos MEL JUN 08


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I'm not looking to sell them, so don't worry. I just want to know if they're real or not.

I already asked the same question in another cigar forum. They told me to smoke one and find out if they're real. I will smoke one as soon as I think they've rested enough to be smokeable.

Why I want a second opinion is because FoH reviewed exact same box code Espes as I have: MEL JUN 08.

The suspect band. A Real, older band on the right side, my suspect on the left. Look at the font in "Habana , Cuba" it's slightly bolder on the "real" one.




Seal. You can see the micro print.


Lock of the lid:







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All you half too do is be smart from who you r buying from and you will never need too ask. Peace of mind is worth a few extra dollars

I trust my vendor, but not 100 %. Everything else I've got I have tasted and confirmed as a real thing. I pulled the trigger on those Espes after I knew I had received real Cubans. However I'm little bit cautious because I just read from another forum someone getting fakes from supposedly trusted vendor. Myself, I've got a single fake in 5'er (seal was broken) from LCDH. How it got there, I have no idea.

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If you are going too smoke it, and it tastes awesome, does it really matter? Just f888in with you. IMO you should neverhave suspisions of fakes from your vendors.

Small pics ,but from what I see,looks ok. Though I have had a buch of esplendidos that were duds so going on taste isnt all that right also

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A Member of FoH confirmed that my vendor should be ok.

I know I shoudn't have bought the box if I had doubts. I didn't have any untill I compared those bands with other Cohibas and found slight difference in font bolding. Then I became paranoid :huh: The feeling that you just spend big bucks on something that's made of ass hair is stressing. :o

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