Back from Baja -

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Spent 10 days in the wilds of Baja, fishing, relaxing, riding and just enjoying the desert and Sea of Cortez (I will post some photos in the 'Fishing' section). I took a weeks worth of cigars with me, picking out some special smokes as I thought i'd have the time to relax and get the most out of them. Also stopped and the licensed dealer in Cabo to pick up a few things i never tried, including some Dante Mexican RE for myself and another forum member.

At weeks end I realized I brought too many smokes with me, tho i probably enjoyed 2 a day, i think i made the mistake of bringing some of my finer smokes - I just didnt get the full pleasure of sitting still for 2 hours to enjoy them. Smoking in Baja was more akin to smoking while cutting the grass or working on the car - and that when you take out your best cigars. Dont get me wrong, i was VERY relaxed, but just being overwhelmed by the beauty around me and always finding myself DOING something instead of sitting still, didnt help me get the full focus on my smokes.

My most enjoyable stick was a Cohiba Sig VI which i lit during a horse trek along the beach for a few miles from our beach house.

In the end, i think i'd just bring along some daily smokes next time and leave the good ones for another time.

Hope this post post comes to mind next time you are going out deep sea fishing and want to bring along that Behike.

Nice to be back, but i loved it there -







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What a beautiful holiday that must have been.

The Edmundo Dantes Exclusivos look fantastic, how did they smoke? :shead:

I must say, Siglo VI's are one of my favourites.

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