VR Marshal RE TEB SEP 08

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-I have a box of these and a couple of singles, this is the single I am smoking

-Cigar spelled both Marshal and Marshall but engraved with two LL’s on the foot of the tiny box they come in but spelled Marshal on the Silver badge on top of the box covering the old LGC logo. The distributor for this cigar refers to it as Marshal.

-Constructed well, Light Colorado wrapper, dry-matte to the touch wrapper,

-Pre-draw is very hollow and light, hope this is not a sign to come, feels solid in hand

-Going into this review with an open mind as we all know these are LGC cigars re-packaged, lets not bullshit a bullshitter :2thumbs:

-Initial puff is some light wood, tannic aftertaste, almost like a rich grass-hay taste

-1/3 is Light-Medium with some continued Grass/Floral mixture with a surrounding edge of sweetness I cant put my finger on just yet, light woody aftertaste

-Definitely no coffee/spice/leather so far in this cigar

-If this cigar were a cookie, it would be a wafer, light, delicate but flavorful…..nothing harsh about this cigar so far

-Ash is very light in color, layered log

-2/3 is still Light-Medium, cigar has a nice cedar-floral make up with some powdered sweetness, almost like the powder you get from eating Smarties™ candy

-End of 2/3 has some of the Honey I was expecting all along

-Smoke time was 103 mins

-Last 1/3 had some Butterscotch briefly but mostly floral grass and light wood, solid Medium at this point, very tasty

-I really enjoyed this cigar and it was finally good to see what it tasted like after reading all of the hype, I personally feel it’s a good cigar to smoke right now and will also get better







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