Los Statos de Luxe Brevas/Cremas


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Not sure whether this is a cremas or brevas, as the both seem to the exactly the same.

Construction was good. Firm on the squeeze. Wrapper a little veiny, and slightly twisted. Aroma at was weak, pre-light draw was quite pungent. and earthy The band is quite unique - red and black with a gold eagle in the middle.

The cigar started gloriously! Mild-medium body with a distinct flavour reminiscent of a top quality Monte 2. Throw in a bit of earth with that, and you've got the Los Statos.

The cigar stayed this way throughout the first half.

Much to my disappointment, it fell flat in the second half. The earth flavour began to dominate to the point where the flavour was really dirty more than anything. Put the cigar down earlier than I would've liked.

I'm going to give this one a second chance though, as the flavours it showed in the first half were very promising.

For now it gets a 7/10. Worth purchasing as a C&C

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There were boxes of 96 Brevas around a couple years ago for about $75. Well worth it. Strong cigar. Must have been killer when fresh.

Still have a box and a half of those. Very nice.

I wonder, though, if they didn't perhaps get stronger with age.

There are still '98s available, which some have said are even better than the '96s.

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