Has anyone ever seen...

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...La Gloria Cubana Medaille D'Or No. 1s or No. 3s that were younger than OSU JUL 02? It seems that it is the youngest box anywhere! MontrealRon's review got me thinking, I have a box of each in my Online Locker with Czar, and they are both of that exact vintage...and i've never seen any newer ones out there.

Was that seriously the last time they made that cigar, does it really sell that little?

If that is indeed the case, I can see why they would choose to discontinue that particular cigar....

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I also find it strange ChanceSchmerr :whistle:

I asked a similar question a few months ago, as I wondered whether there was a mountain of LGCs from '03 to '08 all stashed in some warehouse somewhere. I doubt there is, but it's nice to hope that over the next few years we will still be able to pick up LGC No.1s from time to time.

LGC as a marque is looking particularly thin on the ground now...

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