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Hello Gents. I just came across the RyJ churchill sampler from the XII Festival del Habano that has a short churchills, wide churchills and churchills. I must say it's a beautiful presention, and the wide churchills in the humified tubo with a cigar punch is awsome. I'm a cigar geek and would like to know if anyone out there knows any info about this, and especially anything about the wide churchills. thanks guys.



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The wide Churchill was released on the opening Monday night of this years Habanos Festival. Each guest was given a presentation pack as you have detailed. Nice touch.

As for the Wide Churchill itself, the general consensus was that it was a little too overhumidified to really get an understanding of what that cigar was all about in terms of flavour. It wasn't really the fault of HSA, a wet and humid period leading up to the Festival made storage conditions difficult.

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I think these guys will have a chance to age and acclimate in my humidor. I don't want to smoke one because for me I know i'll never have the chance to buy another box of these being they where from the Festival del Habano, so that makes then a little bit unique. And it give a little more character to my humble collection.

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