Partagas D #4

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I got a box of 10 dated 09/2009 a few months ago and a couple of tubos dated 06/2009, just for comparison. The tubos had lots of lovely flavors from the start but the sticks, out of the box, was a bit green/mossy. Now, five months later, it is time to open the torch again.

This is just a really creamy smoke with sweet spicy and earthy flavours. Hints of chocolate on the draw, pepper on the tongue and roasted coffee in the aftertaste. After the first inch the sweetness becomes more sour. The pepper gets stronger and the coffee become more dominant in the aftertaste. The smoke is thick with a nutty scent. A medium-full body with an even burn.

With more aging this will be the perfect cigar. Rated side by side with the Bolivar RC. The limited editions #1 and #2 are just the top of the line from Partagas, but as a regular production cigar, the #4 is a strong contender. I rate it 91.


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