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I keep thinking about the idea of starting a Herf Club in my area. I usually smoke with the same person all the time (not that I mind his comany at all) but would like to start getting together on a semi-frequent basis with some fellow Cigar Aficionado's. True enlightment comes from exposure to a variety of perspectives (such as this forum). I don't want this to become an open invitation for anyone to come and smoke a $3 gas station cigar. I would like to sit with people who smoke quality cigars regualry and have a drink (or three) and share, swap, discuss our common passion for fine cigars.

The idea of having more established meetings, membership, and a website might come forth if the group takes off and grows.

Has anyone else done somthing like this in their area? I would appreciate any ideas or input, pointers, pitfalls to avoid and so forth.



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A number of years ago I met with a group of guys on a monthly basis for drinks and/or dinner and cigars.

My suggestion to you would be to make it as informal as possible while clearly stating the reason for meeting. To try and share cigars and commeraderie.

These types of events can be very informative and fun. They can also be a royal pain if whoever is organizing them is too rigid or if there are some jackasses who attend. :D

They outlived their usefulness for me and with the draconian smoking laws here made it progressively more difficult.

Good Luck!

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Kat makes some good points. I guess the first thing is to try to establish what you want the club to be - but it might be worthwhile to allow things to

be flexible, especially early on. Will it be just to get together with friends, more formal, cigar discussions only, etc?

You could do tastings, both blind an non blind, perhaps drink tastings as well, cigar and drink pairings, etc. I know that among others, Guy, Gino,

and Alberto belong to groups. Gino and Alberto belong to Amicigar and have "serious" tastings and events, and have streamed a couple live, which

I've enjoyed. They even have club ties!

Good luck, and more importantly, have fun.

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I can only reiterate the advice given so far.

Take it easy. Start slowly. Find the right easy going locale.

* Get togethers need to be fun.

* Cigars really are secondary. Friendship and laughter are the key components.

* Focus on making those a little more shy feel welcome.

* A vibrant group who know how to enjoy themselves is the end focus. Never gets stale.

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