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Shouldn't it be the opposite theory being that generally when 'some people' have their 'Beer goggles' on, they will almost touch,kiss anything! :huh::D

Then again...even the drunkest of people would sobre up seeing that group! :D

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So let me get this right.

1. You double post.

2. You take the opposite meaning.

What in hells name is going on with your life?

1. yes i double posted (because your site showed the first one as stuffed - hardly my fault). is that the end of civilisation (as others know it - i know what low level you put on civilised behaviour).

2. i was trying to be nice - it was other members who assumed the reverse. don't know why i bother.

if you come sunday, can you bring my hoyo? and we need to be finished well in advance of the time so i can get to the game.

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