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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All , I’m a new member and would like to introduce myself .I’m a 37 year old living in NYC have only recently started smoking cigars over last 2 years . I am a-bit of an extremest so I have gone abit deep into the collection aspect over the last year or so and have a lot to learn ,it’s been an amazing journey thus far and I feel like I have just landed at the right place . this forum is great and has been a wealth of fantastic information over the last few days. I really love the community aspect of it . I’m excited to join and look forward to becoming a contributing member of community . to the topic at hand I recently purchased a few boxes while traveling . at the time of purchase I didn’t know to look further than box numbers matching the habanos website on sealed boxes . I have since been red pillled and have learned so much more ,(please see the attached photos ) they smell Cuban ,their triple capped although wrappers look abit rough ,they have hidden codes on band under uv light like they should, the tax stamps seem correct, box codes seem correct ,micro print on tax stamps seem correct ,placement of stamps seem correct UV marks on tax stamp seems correct codes match on habanos website (did I say that already ) ,first thing that tipped me off when I opened was the color variance between wrappers I really don’t know at this point I paid a decent amount for them it wasn’t to good to be true . I have also purchased a box of BHK 52 ,56 and cosecha 14 with similar level of high detail, if counterfeit I will create separate posts for those to avoid confusion in all the photos Ty in advance for any insight
  2. Hi all again , since joining this forum a few days ago I have learned a lot and have been examining my collection with a renewed critical eye armed with new information gathered in this great forum . Here is a box of Siglo II box code 2018 from what has always been a reliable vendor. I paid top inflated recent prices for these . everything seemed to check out tax stamp , UV light ,habanos website Hidden uv code on the band , band seems to be well centered everything looked good with the exclusion of this interior sticker on the wax paper inside the box . The placement of the Taino head seems to be 1 square to high It smoked well, tastes great ,seems to taste like a cohiba to me however recent information has called everything I thought I knew into question . Please see photos attached and let me know if anything stands out to you and does this sticker look ok to you ?
  3. So today I went to the liquor store to get some bourbon. I walked by their humidor and peeked inside. I usually don’t pay any attention since they over humidify, and not interested much in NC at this time. I saw they had Cohiba Siglo 6 for sale. I’m in the US. So out of curiosity I had to go in! The box was from 2008 and selling for $40 a stick. The caps didn’t look right, colors not uniform and not really sure on the bands since the bottom squares were cut off and I don’t know if those bands were out in 2008 for the siglo 6. My dilemma is this: I have a good relationship with the managers and they take care of me with my bourbon needs. Should I have asked them more about the authenticity? Or if it was illegal to sell Cubans in the US? I don’t want to cut off the hand that feeds me! BTW, didn’t want to spend too much time inspecting them and took only 1 pic
  4. Was “gifted” this on a cruise ship recently. Couldn’t convince the guy it was fake. He insisted I take it and smoke it anyway. Not a bad fake, but I’m not burning this one.

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