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Found 4 results

  1. I know these photos are spread out in various posts. If it’s okay I thought maybe one place exclusively for island hauls. I just get so blown away by what some people are bringing back. The custom bundles, the ashtrays, the rum and coffee. If you care to share post it up. I’m hoping to have some pics of my own in late may.
  2. Hello FOH, Recently discovered your website and forums and have been enjoying all of the information you guys bring on so many different topics! Going to La Habana, Cuba next Tuesday March 5, 2019. Staying right there in La Habana for a whole week. Im interested in a few things while im in Cuba: good cigars, good rum and good places. Starting with my main interest, CIGARS! I've been reading on here and have concluded I want to visit Alejandro "Alex"Gonzalez Arias at the Hotel Comodoro for some custom rolled cigars, probably his canonazo or his Behike 52. Do I have to order before hand, how could I come in contact with him in these days before my trip? Or can I just go to Hotel Comodoro the day I get to La Habana and just make an order of some cigars on that day? Im open to other suggestions of custom rolled cigar makers around La Habana but have read the review and believe Alex is good and his cigars more around my feel. Also, I want to buy some real COHIBA in Cuba. Mi gf brought me a box of 25 Cohiba SIglo VI last November and once she came from Cuba and I inspected the box and the cigar it was obvious they were FAKE. She paid $140 por the box in one of the "Cooperativas" and it was obviously a scam because they are not legit real Cohibas. Is there really "cooperativas" that sell real cohiba cigars for cheaper prices than LCDH? Ive heard there is but don't really know. Where in La Habana could I buy real Cohibas for a reasonable price if not in LCDH? Im fairly new to the scene so sorry for the questions. Regarding places to go out night, enjoy some rum and good music and people. Any suggestions in close proximity to Hotel Nacional or any other area in La Habana worth visiting during the nights to have fun? Thanks for any suggestions and any replies! Will post on my experiences after I come back from CUBA!
  3. Hello all! Work has been keeping me from the forum and enjoying as many cigars as I'd like, this summer I'll have time to slow down and after reading so many great threads here I've decided to make a short trip to Cuba happen for the wife and I. We'll be flying from Baltimore, MD to Havana for 3 days and 4 nights. It looks like booking a place to stay will be easy through AirBNB (if you have a great Casa feel free to post it up as I haven't booked yet), and the wife will be chatting up Jorge about driving and giving us a tour, but my main concern are the Visas. How do we obtain these? The airport in Baltimore is an International airport, can we obtain them there or must we get them in Fort Lauderdale during our transfer? What's required? My wife is a history teacher, so for her part this really is an educational trip and my family's business is art, so heading to museums and galleries will be on the agenda as well. I plan on using this thread as sort of the pre and post trip diary to detail everything and perhaps in the end someone will find it helpful, like I've found many of the threads I've read thus far. I'm just trying to collect all the info and stuff it into one place for myself to refer back (as well as anyone else who may stumble on this). So, if anyone wants to post or shoot a private message on any of the following topics I would really appreciate any and all help! While Havana isn't huge, is there a place to look to stay that's centrally located to the LCDH's and museums? Must see museums and or galleries? We plan on bringing Euros with us, but where's the best place to exchange? I've seen both local banks and the airport, but is there a definitive way to get the most bang for our buck? Custom rolls by Alex and Reynaldo are on my list, what's the best way to contact them ahead of time? I know I saw it mentioned that Alex was on Facebook. Or is it easy just to walk in and grab a bundle when they are there? I know many folks have been from the US in 2018, so if there's something I haven't listed, but we shouldn't miss in our brief trip, please share! I'm just awful about cameras, social media, etc, however the wife is not and plans to take many pics, which I plan on sharing as we go along. Thanks so much everyone, I'm sure this will be an anniversary to remember. PS: If anyone's local to Maryland or planning on being in the DC area (we're in Frederick 40 mins outside DC), feel free to reach out, I'm happy to host and provide cigars and drinks all in the name of researching the trip!
  4. FOH, Looks like another bringing Cubans to the US thread but I wanted a little more info which hopefully my fellow Yanks can help me out with as I very infrequently travel to the US (read twice in 15 years). I'm a American guy living in Thailand working on a ship and thanks to some new United States Coast Guard regulations coming about in 2017 I have to travel to the USA for maritime courses (3 weeks). I'll be flying Bangkok to Dubai then into JFK on Emirates metal and plan to bring my large portable Xikar humidor (about 30 sticks). What is the latest news? I read previously taking the bands off would not be conclusive evidence of them being non Cubans which to me is silly because they can't prove they aren't non Cuban hand rolled sticks. Thanks for any help! Kurt

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