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  1. The prices they charge are pretty good compared to pretty much every other duty free shop I have visited.. I have probably bought 50+ boxes over the last 5 years or so.
  2. You can email [email protected] asking the price and availability and they usually respond within 24 hours. They also allow you hold boxes and they will make arrangements for them to be available at the LCDH or one of the customer service counters in the terminal you are passing though.. very easy to deal with. Also.. singles are available for purchases in the a380 business class lounge as well as cutting and smoking tools. Kurt
  3. I bought a high end Macbook and lasted about 3 months.. annoying as hell. If you wanting a windows computer.. http://www.dell.com/us/p/xps-15-9550-laptop/pd 15.4 inch infinity display 4K ultra HD touch screen, Intel 6th gen i7 processor. I opted for the super dooper model.. 1TB hard drive, and 32GB of ram.
  4. Guys.. nail clippers have been TSA approved for several years now... I have carried mine worldwide and haven't had any issues.. Kurt
  5. They are in stock at Dubai Duty Free @ 538.61 per box. Kurt
  6. The Chinese have been raising the ire of the Thai's lately.. they were forced to use Chinese only toilets at the white temple in Chang Rai, they have been banned from driving caravans into the Kingdom recently.. I guess a buffet ban is likely on the horizon. LOL
  7. Cheers.. that was the answer I was looking for. I won't be bringing boxes in only my portable humidor and could really care less about the bands as these will be fishing and drinking cigars for personal consumption while in the states.. Kurt
  8. FOH, Looks like another bringing Cubans to the US thread but I wanted a little more info which hopefully my fellow Yanks can help me out with as I very infrequently travel to the US (read twice in 15 years). I'm a American guy living in Thailand working on a ship and thanks to some new United States Coast Guard regulations coming about in 2017 I have to travel to the USA for maritime courses (3 weeks). I'll be flying Bangkok to Dubai then into JFK on Emirates metal and plan to bring my large portable Xikar humidor (about 30 sticks). What is the latest news? I read previously taking the bands off would not be conclusive evidence of them being non Cubans which to me is silly because they can't prove they aren't non Cuban hand rolled sticks. Thanks for any help! Kurt
  9. I've got the humidification unit mounted in the top and Xikar wireless one in the top and one in the bottom and I am experiencing the exact same phenomenon. Just for some sanity I have purchased the iCelcius unit with extended probe and will be monitoring from the middle. My humidor is about 1 meter high and holds around 1000 sticks. Kurt
  10. Have your kids invite 30 of their friends to spill drinks on your carpet, smoke and drink all your prized cigars and whiskeys.. 'Kurt
  11. There is a guy on Facebook called Siam Havana that has several locations and has a pretty good collection. Kurt

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