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This thread needs more posts! I'm by no means a chef, just a foody who loves to create and cook, and mostly share with others. You can be assured I'll be bring more posts to this thread. One of my summertime specialties is pork ribs, baby backs. I have perfected my recipe and pretty much stick to it when I make them. Nobody who has eaten them yet has not come back for more. Here's the goods.


consists of:

Brown sugar

Mustard (Dry)





Garlic powder


Cayenne pepper

I specified no mesurements, as I do not use them. Next, rub them ribs. I liberally GENEROUSLY coat the racks and wrap in foil to sit in the fridge overnight. My smoker is powered by kingsford and hickory chunks/chips. It's a Brinkmann model with a separate smoke box on one side for even, in-direct heat. I let my ribs come to near-room temp before putting the fire to them. IOW, when I fire up the smoker, the ribs come out of the fridge.

When the coals are right, the ribs go in, with NO sauce (more on that later). The smoker is stoked to 250*F and I regulate the temp by opening vents/exhaust, and adding wood or charcoal as the day goes by.

It generally takes arount 4-5 hours for me to reach a 140-160*F internal temp, then the glaze goes on.


Apricot preserves (don't skimp, get good stuff)

cracked red pepper (the kind you put on pizza

Bourbon (I'm partial to Maker's Mark for this)

In a sauce pan, add preserves, bourbon, and red pepper flakes. Over low heat, stir until combined, and allow to thicken slightly. We don't want a full reduction, just allow some of the aclkyhol to cook off, and thicken enough to coat the back of a spoon. Brush this onto your ribs in several applications the last 30 minutes of cooking. This glaze brings a nice balance of heat and sweet to the table.

Your ribs may, or may not look like this:




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Nice job man and great looking loinbacks. That also looks like a New Braunfels smoker. I have had mine for 21 years and use it @ least once a month. What a life on the patio, smokin and smoking. Keep up the good work.

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Wow, never thought I would find good recipes for beef here. Just read your review on your brisket and when I saw Bourbon as an ingredient, my mind immediately inserted my favorite, Makers Mark...

Now I read this one... Wife doesn't stand a chance when I buy the next bottle... really honey, it's for the smoker... the ribs needs a sip... :buddies:

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