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The RSS is a godsend to me - mine stopped working so came to the new forum to see if the url had changed but cant even find it.

Please tell me the forum is still RSS enabled!!!!

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ok found the icon - but the feed is empty --- any ETA on getting the feed populated.

I appreciate all the work on the new format - but gotta tell you, its taking a lot more effort to navigate the pages than before. I will give it time to see if it grows on me .. thanks for all the hard work

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Hi Rob

The RSS feed is missing the author of the thread - it had that before (just like phone screening), I use it to sort, of course mails from El Presidente raise to the top :bulb:

Much appreciate that.

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no problem on the author - the old RSS feed used to show author in the subject.

I think something is still amiss - I got 2 messagesper day for the last 3 days on RSS but I can see many more posted

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Guys - the RSS feed is still misbehaving. Basically the Microsoft Feed Engine (I work at ms so know what i am talking about) is getting the first message of the thread only. So when a new thread is generated its sending it to the RSS feed but any subsequent followup isnt. This could be due to the RSS feed not differentiating between (in the thread metadata) the first message and subsequent so the client is seeing them as dups and dropping them, or simply the follow up threads are not being published.

I just clicked on the RSS feed (orange button on lower LHS) and the web page returned is all raw RSS data so cant make heads or tails out of it.

Appreciate if the FOH folks can take a look please.

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I know mine is working fine but that doesn't mean squat

We will log a report on Tuesday with Invision Tech support to see if we can have it sorted for you. If anyone else has this issue please post here and detail browser being used.

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