Movember 2008

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Here is a mug shot for you all to poke fun at.

As you may be aware I have grown a Mo for Movember the now officially re-named month of November here in Australia. Warren is sure that I am doing it just to look like him, (arr sorry there Ned Flanders, I'm not).


Its for a good cause research into Prostate Cancer and Male Depression. Personally I'd hate to be depressed with prostate cancer so hence I growing a Mo and raising money.

Go to the link below and fill out all the details and know that its all a good cause.

Movember Donation

Once you have made a donation then you can come back here and put up all the smartass comments you want about my Mo, hair style, teeth etc etc. By the way my Avatar on the side is last years Mo.

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Hey, it's past mid Movember already - when are you going to start growing your mo?


I shave it off every morning and thats what it looks like at 3pm that afternoon. Young Mini Smithy has been growing it from the 1st of November and Rob and I still laugh about the lack of even one hair in his Mo.

Thanks for the Donation mate.

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