fantastic shopping experience i have to share

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Hi All, i just have to share this with you all,

was in London Last week for World Travel mart at Excell London, its been more than 5 years since my last trip to London and once again enjoyed the experience, for those visitors who want a completely fantastic Dining experience (not cheap) is El Gaucho in Piccadilly circus.

anyhow back to shopping, (last appointment finished 1pm, back to the hotel at 5pm for my departure back at Heathrow. what to do ? what to do ? lets go cigar shopping.

off to Davidoff and Fox of St James st.

Davidoff - great, served again by ??????????? cant remember his name but he is 84 and now only works 3 days a week and has been selling cigars for Decades (many) decades. Uk Cigar buying is expensive but one has to do it at least once. purchased 3 Cohiba DC, they have many boxes remaining but at over 1000 GBP they are not cheap.

off to Fox, just down St James st,

asked permission to enter the Humidor, some nice things but nothing Breath taking, until in the corner i see aged and rare stock.

plough though a few boxes until i come across

PARTAGAS LUSITANIAS CIRCA MID 70s (be still my beating heart) cabinet of 50 (selling singles) each 80GBP. ok the internal loosing battle of logic V desire begins, Logic very quickly looses.

so i thought ill buy one stick at nearly 200 AUD, select my stick put the box back and exit the humidor towards the counter.

Me = Hi there, i hope you don’t mind but i have chosen my cigar from the vintage box of Lusitania’s mid 70s the box says 80 pounds.

sales person= (approaching 70 yo, thick large round Glasses sitting on the end of his nose) = oh ok sir let me check.

Me = sure no problem as he goes into the humidor and brings the box out.

Sales Person = hhhmmmm , oh ok, hhhhmmmm , ah i see, ok then, hhhmmmm once more. "i don’t know how much these are"

Me = oh the price per stick is right there on the box in front of you. its says 80 pounds.

sales Person = looks up at me and ignores me.

Sales Person = ok hhhmmm let me see if i can find you a price,

Me = shuts up and sees where this is going,

sales person = for the next 5 min, reads though price sheets, looks up prices on his computer , looks at me, looks at the 80pound price tag on the box.

Sales Person = looks at me standing silently, ill tell you what I’m going to do, (then long silence) then a second time "ill tell you what im going to do (pause)

Me = cocky interruption during his pause, "well because you like the look of my face" you......

Sales Person = looks at me over his Glasses having just heard my cockiness and says ' sorry sir i don’t really like the look of your face, (CLASSIC LINE)

Sales person = i cant find a price of these vintage Lusitania’s so i will sell it to you at the current Lusi Price of 22 GBP.

Me (thinking be still my beating heart) well sir then do you mind if i buy 5 sticks at that price.

sales Person = no sir you cant but ill let you have 3.

Me = wooo Fricketty hoo

this was one of the best shopping experiences of my life (cigars) not only did i find a 33 yo stick but the comedy of the purchase was priceless.

Footnote = our sales person friend chose to ignore the price on the box and proceeded to charge me the lesser amount, I don’t know why maybe he had some feedback that these 33 yo sticks are past their prime. But will find out shortly

just wanted to share

3 stick, Gifted 1 already, will smoke one when it matures a little " ah strike that" when it settles in a few weeks.

thanks for reading.


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Great story and great score.

"I don't really like the look of your face." As he's giving you a deal. That is classic.

correct you are Greenpimp, add to that a i dont give a stuff old english accent and we are talking classic, (i wanted to give him a big man hug after his comment rather than being offended)

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Great story Spiro and great score :2thumbs:

Here at Czars we have no real set price in the B&M store. Depends if we like you or not :)

Rob i have purchased from your store (B&M) and still dont know which category i fit in. maybe ill better find out when next in BNE.


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