Hoyo De Monterrey "recent" Production

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A number of members have been singing the praises of recent Epicure No.2. I myself have been smoking

from an excellent '06 box of Epicure No.1.

I'm wondering if any members have experience with recent production in other sizes. I'd be especially

interested in thoughts on the churchill, des dieux, and double corona, but opinions on any welcome.

I'm thinking 06/07/08. Thanks for any insight.

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I've got a box of Epicure #2 from April 07. 6-7 months ago they were grassy tasting. I tried one a few weeks ago, and they're coming along nicely. Creamy, cocoa, thick smoke. Most of the green taste is gone. I've heard late 07 production is even better.

I've also got a box of du Prince from 06 that are great. Much better than I thought they'd be.

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I am still enjoying the recent HDM Epicure 2's (from 07). Rich in flavour. The HDM Dieux appear to have all the hallmarks but they are not to be smoked now. I tried some with a little age at Ken Gargetts last week and they were weceptional. The cream shines through in abundance. You won't get that with the 07's....not for a few years.

HDM DC I have had from 07 have been in the main the best since late 90's. Tried Epicure Especiales again with Smithy ast week and they are indeed on the improve. Still not 100% convinced but if the rate of improvement holds then we may have something.

HDM Epicure No 1 (again 07) have been high quality but muted in flavour. That is the reason am reaching for the Epicure 2's. The Epi 1's will develop nicely. The Epicure 2's are already there.

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I've been let down by the HDM DC's. Once best in class, it now pales to the Punch, RA, Parti Lusitanias. I've really enjoyed new the Epicure Especiales. The boxes I'm getting taste just like the Epi #2, same blend, slightly longer cigar.

Hoyo DCs are just too mild for such a big cigar. By the way, tom, love your song "Blue Valentines".

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I recently opened a 5x3 box from 2005. I got a lot of grassiness in the first cigar so I took them out and put them in a singles drawer. I will revisit these in about a month to see if there is improvement. On the other hand, the Regalos I have smoked have been really good. They seem to have a bit of a fruity bent with wonderful coffee and cream flavors.

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