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For those of you who may have read the reviews that I posted last evening, please accept my apology. I confused my notes, for some reason, and the review for the Imperiales was posted under the Coronas Claro subject and vice versa.

Tll the subject lines are now correct.

Sorry. And I wasn't even drunk.

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» It's a perfectly good word.


» Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary - Cite This Source - Share This

» Addle-patedness


» Ad"dle-pa`ted*ness, n. Stupidity.

Are you calling me stupid? Mixed up, confused, eccentric, maybe.

Just because I patted those apples when I was growing up doesn't make me stupid, OK? I lived in the country, there wasn't a lot to do. We had many nice looking apples.

Give a guy a break. So I used to be an apple patter.

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