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Smoked on 11/9 with a nondescript Italian wine.

Prelight: Light wrapper, somewhat lumpy and veiny, Perfect cap. Aroma was mild. Draw was perfect.

First 1/3: Once again the rap that these are mild is incorrect on my palate. Very pungent through the nose with ample flavors in the mouth. At first the finish was just a tad bitter and without much depth. Sting through the nose tapered off, but flavors remained. Perfect burn; strong ash. Grew soft on the palate with vague hints of citrus and pepper.

Second 1/3: OK, now it was mild and delicate. Not disappointing but it didn't quite stand up to the plonk I was nursing. Nice tangy finish.

Final 1/3: Picked up the initial punch. Just as I thought it had become non-descript it came alive again with ligero -- hints of coffee and herbs.

Conclusion: Would be best as a morning cigar -- complex, nuanced and at moments, bold. Three smoke rings.

Here it is prelight.


First 1/3


Final 1/34


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