Fake Cigars Monte 2


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» The stamp is fake that is being used on the bottom of the box.

Also they dont use a wood spacer in the Monte box i almost sure they use cardboard spacer on bottom level of the box.

Dont have any more boxes of Monte 2's to look at but i think i am correct on this one but i am sure someone will chime in.

Also if you bought them in Florida most likely they are 100% fakes....

I think they are fake sorry...

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My friend from work ask me to look at his collection. From what I saw all of the boxes where fakes. I'm seeing almost everything you can think of:

Here we go with the Monte 2. Let me know if I'm incorrect in any way that this box is fake.

Here is the fake box of Monte 2 @ 1st they look great.


Note: the gold, and the name.


Here is the real label.




Side by side: Left Fake/Right Real


Fake Inside:


Real Monte 2 inside:



Fake Monte 2 Inside:



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