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  • 2 weeks later...

A beautiful evening in Phoenix. 9pm and the weather was near 80 degrees. The night was calling for me to come outside and play. I brought a good friend... the Por Larranaga Petit Corona from 2006. This has been sitting in a 65% RH and 72 degree F humidor for well over a year. I will comment on this cigar and then follow up with another from a cabinet of 2007's to see how the vintages and aging compare for this mareva. Unfortunately flash photography from nighttime photos did not do the cigar justice in terms of color or appearance so I am excluding most of them but will do a photo shoot in the daytime for the 2007 review.

After a clean clip I warmed up the cigar being careful not to let the flame torch the stick. After the brief warm up, the cigar lit easily.

This cigar has essentially a perfect draw. The aromas of the smoke are fantastic. Initial third of the cigar revealed some honey and citrus flavors as well as tobacco and a faint nuttiness. The smoke from my mouth was dense and white.

The second third of the cigar showed a somewhat uneven burn which surprised me as the PLPCs I have had prior to this one were quite even in their burn. Now, flavors of vanilla are starting to come through and the citrus is dissipating.


A decent white color to the ash.. More so than I remember from prior PLPCs.

The final third did not disappoint. It never turned harsh or hot. Flavors turned to more carmel and toast. I am not ready for this smoke to end.

Overall this is one of my favorite go-to cigars and a few will go with me for the Arizona Cardinals - San Francisco 49er Monday Night Football tailgating.

I think this cigar is a little smoother and more complex that the first ones made in 2006 that I had smoked. The uneven burn was something of a fluke and not much of an issue. I would rate this 90/100.

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