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  • 2 weeks later...

Hopefully this review will compliment the review I posted last night of a 2006 PLPC. This one was smoked day time instead of night and the weather was a little warmer. Came from a cabinet of 50 and from a humidor that read 65% RH and 72 degrees F.


I have seen and read a lot about PLPCs looking somewhat yellowish in color. This box seems to hold sticks with a more chestnut brown color you might find on a thoroughbred on which you're about to bet $20 to Win.

Smell at cold was pure tobacco. The appearance was excellent with a slightly rough looking cap. It clipped clean. This one fired up easily. Draw was a little more firm than last night's 2006.


Initial impression was that some of the sweetness and citrus that was initially forward iwith the 2006 was not as up front on the 2007.

The 2007 PLPC had a more even burn that last night's 2006.

There was a light wrapper seperation starting to appear a little more than a third through the cigar but it seemed to resolve itself,

Great aroma as usual. A thick smoke and decent ash but it fell off early on. Still waiting for more of the honey notes and sweetness but I am still getting a lot of nuts and toast.

Pretty consistent throughout. Carmel, nuts, spice and just a hint of saltiness which surprised me as I was expecting a sweeter smoke. Maybe the extra aging is the reason?

I smoked it all the way down and I noticed it did burn a little hotter towards the end than the 2006 did last night.


Overall, I intend to ignore this cabinet until sometime next year at which time I will see how they have developed. Still a good smoke right now. 90/100. But if I had put $20 to Win on this horse, it would have Placed.

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