70s PL Montecarlo


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70s PL Montecarlo

I was digging into the singles drawer, looking for something to smoke, and came across this. Not sure where I got it...

It was a well wrapped cigar, with a firm feel. It had glitter all over the wrapper from being in that cello for so long, and the gold on the band had flaked off over the years. The smell after pulling it from the cello, was a very rich floral smell. I have never smelled a cigar that was as floral as this one. Prelight draw was wide open.

Once lit, the cigar poured smoke. I had to be gentile on the draw, so I didnt overheat. The floral flavor was present, along with a musky vintage cuban flavor. It was a touch spicy, and the strength ranked a 6 out of 10. Burn was even.

The cigar got stronger and stronger as it progressed. There was no real "thirds" to this cigar, it maintained the same flavors throughout the whole cigar. The only change was the strength.

In the final part of the cigar, a woody/tobacco flavor dominated. This cigar left a sweet flavor on my lips, never got bitter and was a perfect example of a vintage cuban. Smoke time 1 hour 10 min, score 90/100. I wish I had a box of these :D

Enjoy the pics!







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