Has Anyone Ever Done This?

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I got to thinking about all of the cigars I have burned over the years and realized that I have probably smoked a fair number of sizes and brands and dates.

Has anyone ever kept one or two cigars from every box they have purchased and labled them by date, brand, box code etc?

For those of you just beginning, it may be cool someday to look back at the collection. For the rest of us, its too late.

Just curious.

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Hi Chicago, I haven't done this but I reckon the next best thing I have done was to keep basic notes of what I smoked and when.

Started this about 6 years ago and even though my experience then was very basic resulting in very basic notes, to read them now brings back the memories (good and bad). It has been worthwhile.

I just have an excel sheet that I list the marcas alphabetically and show model name length, ring, price, how long stored, burn, aroma, flavor, comments and verdict. Comments can include anything that affected the experience like having to smoke outside when it is windy.

Interesting to see my frustration with smokes from the 99 to 01 period - crook burns, plugged, etc, etc. Meant that I switched to NC for a while (sorry). Contrast with nowadays with the quality out of sight compared to the 99 to 01.

I'll bet most other members also keep some notes like this, I would recommend it.

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