Man, 1 years goes by FAST!

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Well, Brandon turns 1 year old tomorrow!

The whole year has been crazy with adjusting to a baby. Sold all the motorcycles, moved to a single family home from a town home, prepared for his arrival, etc...(ie stress)

Then there is the figuring out what the F to do with a baby. Figuring out how much to feed him. It turned out we weren't feeding him enough at first and we couldn't figure out why he was crying. All the baby books, friends and doctors were all wrong in how much to feed him, we just figured it out. The sleeping, or lack there of sleep plays a huge factor as well. (ie more stress).

I'm not even going to mention the sudden "communication" issue with the spouse that seemed to come out of no where (ie even more stress). :biggrin:

In any case, here I am 1 year later and can say that over the past 3 months things have started to get really fun. Don't get me wrong, the first 9 were cool (minus the stress - LOL!). Watching him change on a daily basis is fascinating.

Each day is a new adventure for him and you're there to help him figure stuff out, even if it's something as simple as opening a box or a cd player. Watching his eyes light up and smile when he figures something out is pretty awesome and happens all the time.

He's first words (bird, dadda, momma, bus (for "Buster") and ball - btw, anything round is "ball". An onion = "baaalllll", an apple = "baaalll", etc.

He sees and hears a plane fly over and he looks up to the sky with wide eyes and points - that's pretty cool.

When he gets excited about something his whole body tightens up and shakes and he lets an "eeewwww!" - it's a trip.

A few weeks ago he started taking his first steps, now he's taking 6-10 steps between pieces of furniture to get around the house (he's quick, so you can't take your eyes off of him for a second or he' playing in Buster dog bowls).

He seems to dig (and figure out) mechanical stuff pretty quickly. Locks, switches, doors, anything that latches or slides. I have a feeling that a lot of stuff is going to get broken in the near future - LOL!

He also seems to understand a lot of what you're saying even after only hearing it one time. If you say what an object is once and then ask him where that object is hours later, he'll turn and point to it. That's pretty neat as well.

Anyway, we're having a b-day party on Sat and plan on enjoying an RA Estupendo from the cab I picked up with an "OCT 07" date code as well as an 80s Part 898 that AllanB was generous enough to gift me this week (thanks again Allan!).

Thanks for letting me share a little bit of what has started out to be the coolest milestone of my life.


ps - notice the DWSC shirt that Bob & Dale sent!




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» Sold all the

» motorcycles, moved to a single family home from a town home,

You sold ALL the bikes!!!??? That's sad... now that he's growing up, maybe you'll have time to ride again and get a new one? The Duke 1098s would be nice.... :)



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Congratulations Mark (and Niccole)!

Brandon is very handsome and cute! Happy birthday to him. Amazing - his first words were about the same as Michael's.

The way you describe the experience seems very accurate to me. You are obviously a proud father!



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Congratulations Mark. You have a great boy there. Sounds like you have come to understand the joys of being a father. I remember a few years ago hearing you talk about not being sure you wanted to have kids, Now I bet you wouldn't trade it for anything.

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Mark, that is seriously one cute ass kid! Me and the Mrs. are still about 3-4 years away I think but every time I see a kid like that it makes me understand how I could want one. Two years ago I think I would have said no way until Im 35 at least (Im 26 now). He seems very smart too... congrats!

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Brandon's b-day party was on Sat and I don't feel like I talked to anyone with running around grilling, taking pics & video.

He started taking a few steps a few weeks ago (about the 11 mo mark) now he books around averaging about 10-20 steps.

Man, he's fast!

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