Punch RS #11 JBR Mar2005


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Punch RS #11 JBR Mar2005

This particular box of cigars made me love the Royal Selection, so my objectivity should be questioned. I smoked through half of it in a week and stupidly did not order another. I have a couple other boxes, but this one was great. So it is at great personally expense that I smoke it. Harrump harrump.

Somewhat homely, medium Colorado with moderate veining. Draw is close to perfect, just tight enough. Taste prelight is cedar and a nutty earthiness, and smell of cedar and earth.

First flavors are of roasted coffee bean and a burnt toffee quality, with a floral top end. The smoke smells of hickory and chocolate. Smoke volume adequate but increasing. A nutty smoothness characterizes the rich finish. Chocolate and ground pepper. The aroma from the cigar is outstanding. Some cream character creeps in.

Second third the profile darkens. Cigar becomes appreciable stronger, to medium-full, with the earthy, hickory, and coffee elements predominating. The only sweetness is that overroasted toffee quality which I would not call sweet. Still showing it’s youth here, but I like it. It is strong and savory.

Final third, the burn is a bit off and the taste is a bit muddled. I think the cigar is a bit wet. Still quite good. Some purging improves the situation (doesn’t it always!) but it really shows its youth in the final third. Some bitterness through the otherwise wonderful profile. If pressed I would score it an 88 with massive room for improvement, though the cigar is near impossible to score for me. I love it dearly and it underperformed for now.

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