Punch PC del Punch MAR04

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Punch Petit Corona del Punch RTG MAR04

Smoked this and then a Punch RS12 back to back at poker the other night. This one went first. I was not expecting much from this, as pervious examples had been lackluster.

Light Colorado in color, loose draw, moderate veining. Somewhat spicy pre-draw, smells good but nothing stands out individually.

First puffs with large amounts of smoke. Sweetness present, cocoa and coffee. Soft mouthfeel. Earthiness is bright, almost with a sharper, fruit character. Good, medium bodied. Moderately spicy finish and pleasing overall character.

Pungent, cheeselike flavor in the second third. Still right at medium body. Graham cracker and some licorice. Actually tastes quite a bit like a Montecristo from the 2004 era right now. Still a bit of harshness and a bit of papery element a few puffs, but otherwise still quite enjoyable.

Finishes fairly well, some more bitterness even after purging. Some due to the loose draw, I imagine, some due to the relative youth. But some very satisfying flavors before the wheels fall off. I’d give it an 88, much improved from my last sampling.

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Great review. I love your description of flavours which mirror this cigar well.

07 Punch PC have very similar characteristics and do so without the apparent requirement of age.

HSA are certainly doing some things right ....and while I bag them from time to time...kudos when deserved :ok:

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