Punch Punch - possibly from \'04


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This cigar is a single that was part of my original order with the Czar from early '05 so I'm assuming that the stick was from '04 box.


Nice mottled mid brown shade. No evidence of hard or soft spot. Pre-light aroma is that of cedar and leather. Not overlay aromatic. Clipped the cap and pre-light draw was on the tight side, but more than acceptable. After toasting the foot, the cigar lit quite easily, but tunneled on one side.

First third:

The uneven burn corrected itself by the end of the 1st inch. The cigar started very woody with a slight fungal mustiness to it. Medium to full body with a good volume of smoke. Towards the end of the first third, got a hint of spiciness.

2nd third:

The spiciness builds and the fungal flavors fades a bit to be replaced with some nuttiness. The wood undertone strengthens and some coffee bitterness starts to develop as well as some creaminess and a bit of sweetness.

Final third:

Spiciness fades, sweetness dissipates and the bitterness continue to strengthen. I had to purge it a couple of times and the bitterness fades and the cigar becomes creamier and the fungal undertones return. I put the cigar down with about half inch left when the bitterness returned.


Good cigar. Great construction, medium to full bodied, some complexity to the flavors, very woody throughout, and a very enjoyable smoke. I'm not one for overly bitter flavors and this cigar gave just enough bitterness for me to dock some points for it. 88

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The ubiquitous Punch Punch.

I am guilty of not smoking as many of these as I should. You know the situation....you go to your humidor fo a Punch Corona Gorda and you consistenly find yourself choosing the Punch Royal Seleccion No 11 or Punch Super Seleccion No 2 ....if you have any remaining.

I have had spectacular Punch Punch and ordinary Punch Punch. At their best they are as you describe but I have found a more intense creamy/earthy note. Time tends to get them to this stage.

Great review :ok:

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