Fermentation's Role in Aroma

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Has anyone heard or read anything about the inocculation of tobacco during fermentation with Lactic Acid Bacteria. This would be similar to what they do to wine before or after alcohol fermentation. For those that are going, huh?, the process is called Maloactic fermentation. These specific bacteria turn sugars and malic acid in to lactic acid. A lot of these organic acids are responsible for the developing and intermingled aromas in wines. So I'm curious about their roles in developing aromas in tobacco. A cocktail of mixed organic acids can create many familiar aromas. I know Mr. Gargett should have some in depth knowledge on this subject. If inocculation doesn't occur procedurely then it could come from barrel storage if the barrel was previously used during spirit fermentation. Let me know your thoughts on this topic. I'm eager to learn as much as I can.

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Ken may be able to add more about the general subject but in relation to the Tobacco fermentation process in Cuba all you will find (all they will divulge) is what is already well known.

Changes to the process (temp or other) are not divulged. These are tightly guarded "state" secrets which are kept even fom Habanos s.a.

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