Punch Super Selection no.2

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This weekend gave me a chance to smoke a celebratory cigar to mark the successful end of a long work project. For this occasion I pulled out a Punch SS #2 single that I have been saving. The cigar was from an 01 cabinet gifted by a very generous friend.

Aroma of the unlit cigar was that of clean tobacco. It was beautifully constructed with no hard or soft spots, a uniform medium brown hue, and very little veining.

First third:

Toasting the foot produced an inviting burnt toast aroma. It lit immediately and burned razor sharp and straight all the way to the nub. The cigar produced an excellent amount of smoke volume. It started out with plenty of wood and nut flavors. Very pleasant, with very little tannins.

Second third:

It started to exhibit some sweetness that was akin to the cherry flavors in a fruitcake with a touch of cinnamon and licorice. This cinnamon/licorice spiciness was very pleasant and reminded me of a well aged RG PC. It gave the cigar a full bodied mouth feel, almost to the extent that you could imagine chewing on the smoke that the cigar produced.

Final third:

I noticed some cream and coffee with a bit of leather, but the leather notes never fully developed. The spiciness faded and completely dissipated with about an inch left. The woodiness stayed all the way through and cigar never got bitter or harsh. I smoked this sucker down to the nub. Very enjoyable and I would grade it a 93. This is only the second Punch SS2 I've ever smoked and both were outstanding. I just wish I could source more of this cigar.

Rob and Lisa...please hold a cab for me if you ever see these in the PCC aged selection.

To the rest of you, remember...I call DIBS on these.:-D

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