Partagas Edicion Limitada 2008 TEB JUN08


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» Got a D5 from a friend (same guy who gave me the Monte Sublimes). A little

» underfilled, tasteless and light.

I have heard the Monte Sublimes are also suffering from being underfilled, any others out there who have tried several ideally from a few different boxes? What a shame if that is the case.

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Some initial images can be found [link=]here[/link]

Picked this box up at my local cigar store here in Lausanne, it was kept at there humidor over the weekend and I picked one cigar out and dried boxed it for one day... (which I normally never do, I keep the cigars at 70%)

I really looked forward to this cigar, so lets get cracking.

Construction: Good, a bit rough, but nothing to say. Feels a bit soft, but not much, could be really perfect.

Wrapper: Dark Dark Dark, feels a bit dry but with some oil on the surface.

Smell: Cold tobacco, some hay, coffee and a bit sweet and spicy, pepper? Smell really good

Draw: No, this is on the loose end, and I really clipped a small small section, just the cap... what will come from this. Taste on the tung is a bit spicy.



1/3: Its really light draw, but gives huge amount of smoke. The smell is really nice, and the taste; who is there, has a light tone of coffee. Its really mild but definitive not tasteless, rather good, but a bit to week. Get some hint of cream and coffee.

After a while some tones of white pepper start to show up, very pleasant smoke, even for be a mild cigar


2/3: Not much has happen except that the cigar is hard to keep burning, its a really light draw. Tones of coffee and cream. Spice has disappeared. Sometimes the cigar burns uneven, but straighten itself out.



3/3: Spice has come back but just a hint, coffee, some leather and hay has turned up, its a bit on the sweet side. For a mild cigar I quite fancy it, smoke it down to the end.



Sum up: Mild Partagas, with hints of coffee and cream with a bit of white pepper, but far far from a full powerhouse. I would guess that these cigar will be much better if its not dry boxed, so will try that in a week or so. I really enjoyed it, even if the draw was to loose, but some really nice and soothing taste was there.

Rating: Hard, lower part of 90, like 91 i would say. Aging, I have no idea.....

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