Partagas 898 Varnished - CEA OCT 07

Guest rob

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While I was in Brisbane, I picked up one of these last week from Czar. Box code was CEA OCT 07.

This cigar was a beauty. A fantastic job by the rollers. It was super smooth, well bunched, beautifully capped and drew like a dream. I couldn't fault construction at all.

The tobacco used was impeccable. A really pleasant sheen covered he wrapper and the aroma cold was inviting.

After using my fingernails to serrate the top capping (thanks for the tip Pres :) ) I drew lightly and tasted classic party earth and tobacco.

After a clean light it was a way. Right from the start I got abundant smoke volume and beautiful spice and earth. I knew this was going to be a pleasant and satisfying hour and quarter. Even the "mother in law" commented that the smoke looked great and that the smoke smelt heavenly.

As expected this smoke grew and grew. Increased flavour and a more distinct direction. There were no negative tastes or burn issues. It even managed to avoid the frequent "bitterness" or hot flavour that these cigars can often develop by the time you get to the last inch.

I smoked this beauty right down to the last 3/8 of an inch (10mm). And even then it was a shame to see it go.

Though I only keep a half dozen of so of these in my humidors, I am seriously trying to justify a certain break up with my missus in order to acquire a box of these. They really are that good.

I'm not sure what aging potential these have but it wouldn't matter because I dont think they'd even last a year if I had a box.

I rate them a solid 93. But I could imagine scores of 93+ by others.

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