ownership line from field to tienda. Caracoll...habanos sa..

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Answering some questions that Gino asked recently. Thank you to our Havana friend

PS. I have edited some of the information to protect the source.

The Government owns Caracol through the Tourism Bureau Minister. Caracol is the result of the fusion between the former two big tourism chains of retail shops. Universo and Caracol, being Caracol a little more stronger, they took over, acquired Universo and maintain the monopoly of all the retail shops selling Cuban goods in cuc meaning they are meant for tourists, not us. Tabacuba shall never acquire a License for a retail Shop.

Habanos is 50% Cubatabaco and 50 % Imperial. Tabacuab has nothing to do with HSA. Cubatabaco is the holder of the rights for exporting and producing and also the owner of some trademarks and registrations. Habanos exports cigars to France (only Quai d´Orsay nowadays) under licensing of Cubatabaco. Cubatabaco now works mostly as an employment agency, choosing the right people for the right position within the tobacco sector ONLY in JOINT VENTURES (Habanos s.a, Brascuba cigarettes, ICT etc) and as the owner of some brands and trademarks wideky recognized in its own.

On the side: Brascuba produces cigarettes upon licensing granted for the brand names, Romeo y Julieta, Cohiba, Vegas Robaina, Hoyo de Monterrey. They pay royalties for that.

ICT is the same but for minis, clubs, and Puritos. Including more brandnames like San luis rey, Quintero…etc Guantanamera is also a Habanos brandname so Habanos s.a. receive royalties for that also.

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