Box of Siglo II from Jan 08 stinks!

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I mean it smells like glue or mild plastic and something funky with barely a hint of the typical cohiba profile. Is this the "sick period" that was around pre-2005? I smoked one and there is a hint of that gluey smell in there, but overall its a decent smoke, much different from the Siglo I and III. The problem is, my humidor went from smelling like cocoa to glue.

Is this something that age may cure, or is this just the fresh scent of a siglo II? Like I said, the cigar smoked well but I could do without that "off" flavor.

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I was going to review a PSD4 this weekend but when I opened the box I got somewhat the same aroma from it, it is SEP 07 i believe and I just shut the box and put it away. No one who was at my house last night could really put a finger on this smell.

Kinda chemical faint ammonia, still a little barnyard but its not like that deserted barn its like an occupied barn(someone mentioned the Elephant house at a zoo).

Are you getting much of that from 07??? I have never had a box of cigars with this odor!


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They are now 3 days out of the box and in the humidor, and i think i can safely say it is a bad box. Not the cigars, but the box itself! There are stains in the corner of one side, and the box smells horrible without the cigars in it. I'm pretty sure the cigars themselves will recover, they are much less pungent than day 1. I will light one up in a day or two and see if the aroma is staying in the cigar.

I'll also try to get some pics of these stains.

As to the soap taste: I've had that from a NC cigar, all i remember is it was called Blue Label, from a 5 pack. The rest of the cigars were OK, but i was scared to try them!

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