Partagas 898 (Varnished) SVF DIC 05


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Pre-light: Mediu wrapper. Surprisingly lumpy and veiiny. Oily sheen. Good aroma. A little soft. Ideally I would dry box this for 24 to 48 hours. Nice cap. Excellent draw.


First 1/3. Decent, but not extraordinary fullness of flavor. Strong peppers. Mellowed.


Nice. Cuban Partagas style with ample smoke and great balance and variability. None of the underlying sweetness of the Corona of last evening, and I miss that. But this was fine in its own right. The ash was a bit loose and flaky.

Secon 1/3: Peanut butter!!!!!. No, I'm kidding. I think I'd have to be really drunk to get that from a cigar. This was just a very nice, straight forward cigar withong any exotic flavors that I could pick out. At the 1/2 point or so I purged it and tried to get a picture of the fireworks.


I really needed three hands to do it justice, but I tried.

Final 1/3.


A little bready sweetness crept in. Good to the nub. It left me wanting another.

Conclusion: Four smokerings.

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