Partagas Serie du Connaisseur #1 FPB OESU


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Pre-light: Relatively dark wrapper with a kind of greenish tinge under the brown. Oily. Tiny tear of wrapper at one seam. Cigar smelled excellent. Firm, solid. I was releived that the draw not not over-tight, but perfect. Guess what? Prelight taste showed hints of pepper!

First 1/3: "Delicate" Almost too much so for the red wine accompanyment. Built ever so slowly remaining light and elegant. Past prime? Ash dropped at 1". Just teased with hints of spice and a tiny nose tingle. Long finish. Just didn't seem to want to show its full flavors.

Second 1/3: Remained delicate and too subtle for my taste. Still tantized, but not quite there. Plenty of smoke but it was understatedly pleasant. Near the final 1/3 mark it finnly showed some strength of character with a moderately peppery nose.

Final 1/3: At last the cigar began to stand up for itself a bit. Pungency and a real tang in the nose. The teasing lasted far too long with just hints of greatness underneath the far too "ethereal." Got hints of cedar. Last few tokes made the wrapper begin to sweat oils.

Conclusion: Great expectations dashed. I have 20 more in the box, which seems a shame. I really suspect these have passed their prime. Maybe as a morning cigar with coffee or water they would be more satisfying. Three smokerings (sadly).

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They are a completely different animal with age (same for all the Partagas SDC line). Again, I find that they lose their potency. Sure they can counterbalance that with some very distinct light cocoa notes and a soft clean tobacco spine but I miss the depth of flavour.

Thanks for the review Van :ok:

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