Partagas de Partagas No. 1 - RSE JUN 00


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Length 6.63 inches

Gauge 43

Prelight - Well wrapped, nice cedar smell, with a slightly veiny wrapper. Prelight draw was a little firm, and cigar seemed a little moist.

First 1/3 - Started off with toasted tobacco/cedar flavors with plenty of smoke. Burn problems started immediately, and continued the whole cigar. Medium strength smoke with plenty of spicy.

Second 1/3 - Cedar flavors continued, with a noticeable nutmeg flavor in the background. The cigar opened up a little more, and I needed to smoke a little slower to keep from overheating. Near the end of the second third a sweet fruit flavor came out.

Final 1/3 - Overpowering cedar/leather flavor. Burn problems got worse. Any sweetness that this cigar possessed was long gone. It got a little bitter, and I may have made it worse smoking a little fast. Finished with about a 1/2 inch left.

Overall - Good tasting smoke with a great mix of flavors. I hope the bitterness will go away after a couple years in my humidor. The cigar being a little moist may have caused all of the burn problems and bitterness, and I hope they can balance out. Smoke time of 1 hour 50 min and a score of 88/100.


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