BBF SLB \"sick\" period?

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I'm smoking a BBF SLB from '03. The only way I can really describe it is ... off.:no: It's from a highly reputable vendor and I'm just resampling the cabinet. The previous ones I've sampled have all been dead on with classic Boli flavour. Anyone else have any from around this time that are about the same? It's not a major issue to me since they'll rest for quite a bit longer now. Just curious if anyone has had either A) similar experiences with this particular year and cabinet or B) similar smoking experiences that just made you say....hmmm, self, no....they are sick and something is awry. Thanks in advance :)

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Cigars evolve at different stages of their lifecycle. The 5 year point is one of them. Now we may enjoy what they become or perhaps long for what they were. The HDM LE Piramides is a case in point.

You will have a definitive answer in about 6 months - a year. Put them away and forget about them. What is occuring is not a "sick period" but more an evolutionary period. If when you re-sample and you don't like them then just trade them away :-)

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Colt is spot on.

One bad cigar from a box is not a cause for concern. Leave it a week and try another. If some experience do as I prescribed. If you find it to be superb then you just had a bad anomoly.

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