Partagas Lusitania NOSC-TLP-03


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Pre-light: I pulled this cigar from the second level of a box at the bottom of my cabinet humidor. It's the best example of a "plumed" or "bloomed" cigar I have ever personally seen.




I have long been of the view that the appearance of plume on a cigar is indicative of -- absolutely nothing. (I don't remember seeing plume on any of the previous cigars I have smoked from this box, and most of the cigars in my cabinet have no plume). Under the plume, which dusted off easily, the cigar's wrapper was medium brown with a ncie oily sheen. It was solid with no soft spots. Draw was perfect.

First 1/3: Silky smooth, almost viscous in the mouth. Elegant and gentle through the nose. Suave. Velvety. Yet flavorsome. Razor sharp burn and still a perfect draw. I've written "Partagas peppers" in my recent reviews so often that I am almost bored. This one didn't show much in the way of tingliing, "bite-y" pepper -- more like sweet red or green pepper hints. But shortly after I made this note, it picked up a bit of hot peppery bite.


Second 1/3: The bite and nose strength increased slowly but dramatically. Great complexity and balance. After the long, sensous foreplay of the first 1/3 this 1/3 got down to real sexy business. The ligero leaf became apparent and left a briary, long finish that was amazing. This is why some people age their Cuban cigars for a decade or more. There just aren't enough superlative adjectives in my vocabulary.


Final 1./3: The finish lasted and lasted with no complaints. When I thought I had expelled all the smoke from my mouth a couple more wafts were left. As the strength continued to build, the smoking experience almost orgasmic (to carry the sex analogy perhaps a bit too far.)


Conclusion: Six smokerings, which is a first for me. A classic. Pehaps there is something to this plume legend after all.

Sorry about some of the photos. The autofocus function on this Sony Cybershot sucks.

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