Partagas Petit Corona AC NNSU


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Pre-light: Perfect construction. Medium colored wrapper. The cigar smelled great. Draw was perfect, tasting of --- er --- aged tobacco.


First 1/3: Very nice with a slightly "musty" (not on a bad way) undertone. It gave a full mouthful of smoke with no harchness and with a long aftertaste. I tasted distinctive Partagas peppers, and and can't find words to describe the underlying flavors. The tone was "bright" or "cheerful."


Second 1/3: "Aged elegance" is all I can come up with. I've thought for some time that Partagas PC's don't get the credit they deserve in comparison to PLPC or Monte #4, for example. This underscored my thinking. Nicely balanced and fairly complex, but without much subtle nuance.

Final 1/3: No real change. Just an excellent cigar. At the nub it became hot and harsh. I shouldn't have smoked it past the band.


Conclusion: Four smokerings.

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Thanks for the review Van:ok:

I need to replace some smaller sizes which seem to have..ummm..wandered away from my humidor and met a flame along the way. I think you just dissuaded me from my usual Monte 4. Damn you for forcing the hand of adventure... Anyone know how the current productions are smoking since these usually smoke fairly well when young.

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I may be a barbarian but I prefer these guys "fresh" (first 3 years). I enjoy the mongrel Partagas spice and rich flavour. Whenever I try an aged example I long for what it has lost more than the "refined" nuances it delivers.

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