Partagas Presidente OCT 00


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Loving the Pargagas marca and developing a penchant for strong Cuban cigars, I acquired a box of these probably five or six years ago. I was not impressed, and I gave most of them away.

Pre-light: I found this raggedy cigar at the bottom of my singles drawer. The wrapper at the head had peeled off and the remainder of the head looked a bit crushed. The foot was also torn a bit. But these issues are on me and my storage, not the manufacturer. The wrapper was light brown, veiny and rustic looking without an oily sheen. Clipped on an angle consisent with the line of the damage to the wrapper at the head. Not bad looking after that. Aroma wasn't remarkable. There was no barnyard smell. Draw was medium to tight as is fairly typical of cigars that are tapered at the foot, as this figurado is.

First 1/3: On lighting, I got kind of a funky, dirty taste which was soft on the palate and through the nose. I expected more power, but recognized that it's tough to judge before the burn reaches the wider part of the cigar. The initial finish was unpleasantly sour against the backdrop of a shot of Appleton Rum, neat. I had really hoped that, after all these years of neglect in my humidor, this cigar would be a pleasant surprised. No such luck to this point. But when it burned up to the widest point, it picked up interest and strength and lost the bitter aftertaste. The ash was rock solid, medium gray and didn't drop even with a light tap on the ashtray. The flavors were dark and peppery with increasing tang through the nose, and with some developing complexity.

Second 1/3: I would have pitched this cigar after an inch, but at this point it became very enjoyable. Potent, earthy, peppery. The somberness turned to a kind of brightness -- lighter and sweeter, but definitely no shrinking violet. Relatively thin volume of smoke at first was now ample volume. Some coffee and Partagas pepper.

Final 1/3: At this point the cigar began to narrow toard the head. It gained fullness of flavor, but lost any semblance of nuance or complexity. Just good, solid Cuban flavor.

Conclusion: It's hard to say that a cigar that started as unpleasant as this one did is anything but a flawed, two smokering cigar. However, on the overall experience -- from wretched to rhapsodic -- I have to give it three smokerings. Still, I wouldn't invest in another box.

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Great review of this cigar Van. I can't say I am a fan. Rustic looking and too often poorly constructed. From a flavour perspective I can't say I have ever had an exceptional experience. I can't ever recall having a very good experience. In the main an average cigar of simple flavours. I have heard some say it is an "old school" Partagas but I could never reconcile with this decription. Lack of depth, lack of quality, lack of spice is no feature of "Old School" Partagas.

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Presidentes is been the worst partagas (and maybe the worst cigar) I've ever smoked.

I had a full box, but after 10 I started giving them to cigarette smokers that wanted try a cigar.

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I had a box of 99s that really had great strong flavor- when you could get one that wasn't plugged. A box from 05 had perfect burn & construction in every cigar, but was quite bland in flavor. Wouldn't buy any more. Too many other good cigars around.

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