Pre and post Castro tobacco

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Can some of you guys describe the difference between the pre and post Castro tobacco...and the the different varieties of tobacco leading up to todays ? I have never tasted anything older than about 1998 and even then it was very rare to get them for me. Had to get them from Canada. Every now and then a member will rave about the glory of earlier strains of tobacco.

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Good question.

I would love to hear the thoughts of veteran cigar smokers or those who have access to rare gems.

Of course, we are talking about 50 year old cigars. The real test is not how they smoke today but how they smoked then....compared to young cigars we are smoking today.

The strains of tobacco used today has its pedigree back to those days. Yet, I am not aware of any tobacco from that time such as Pelo de Oro which is used today in commercial production. Is todays tobacco better or worse? I don't know. Would love to hear others viewpoints.

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