La Gloria Cuban Medaille D\'Or No.1 OSU MAY 02

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Another cigar from a batch sent to me from a very generous member of the board.

Construction: Felt just a tad heavy for it's size. Foot and clipped head looked rather tightly bunched.

Firm with just a slight give along it's length, giving me reason to believe there would be no construction


Wrapper: Light colorado with a slight green tinge. Leathery to the touch with some tooth. Moderate

veining. No oil to speak of - not the prettiest cigar, but nor is it ugly.

Pre Light Draw / Aroma: Aroma of sweet hay. Draw on the firm side, but does draw over it's length.

A light taste of tobacco.

Draw / Burn: Draw on the firm side but in no way poor, with great smoke volume. Burn is straight overall,

but does go off center from time to time.

Taste: First puffs - I'm blind sided - full, deep, rich, earthy. I don't know what I was expecting, but

this took me by surprise.

Nearly an inch in, it throttles back to a medium body. From here I can only give an overall impression -

it was complex and did meander. Some stewed fruit. A doughy creaminess on the front palate. Hints

of sugar sweetness.

For the duration, a core of earthy tobacco. Intensity and combinations of flavors swelled and subsided.

From the beginning, a dry cedary finish which was tannic, but smoothly so. This attribute never changed.

Smooth. Balanced. Integrated. The rare cigar that holds your attention for it's length, but that you

don't have to really think about - great from the start.

At the band, it starts to become green and sharp, but I smoke on - I'm too enamored to care.

I'm rewarded with a few last hits of sweetness, but the green quality wins out in the end, and I set it

down with an inch to go.

A solid 90, which includes slight deductions for appearance, draw, and the green ending. My gut feeling

is that it has the stuffing to age and evolve for years.

Comments: In my opinion, this is a cigar for real cigar smokers - those to whom flavor is paramount,

and who are not concerned with appearances. Posers need not apply.

For members who have not tried some of the available thinner ring Havanas, or who might not

believe these thin ring cigars can deliver flavor and complexity, I think you should think about giving

some of these cigars a shot. As esteemed member Tampa might say, thin is in!

I'm thankful for the opportunity, but cursing at the same time - I now have another cigar to add

to the short list.

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Great review, Ross. I have some La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No. 2 singles with box code OSU MAR 02 that I picked up from the Czar, and I'm planning on smoking them as soon as they've had some recovery time in the humi.

(The 2's are a Dalias vitola, which I became interested in after enjoying a Party 8-9-8 a few weeks back. But I digress . . . )

Your review makes me very eager and curious to try this marque. Thanks for posting!

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