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hello, well i would like to know about the cohiba lanceros, i taste this cigar the flavor is strong and the scent too, is really interesting the differents between one cohiba and other one, i want to enjoy some comments about this kind of cigar, is new for me and of course is not easy compare with other cigars and special if you don´t have reference, is a little more difficutl, well i want to know if somebody taste this cigar is important to me, bye :-P

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Alanna I love the Cohiba Lancero but it can be a frustrating cigar. I have yet to really have a Lancero which is at its peak at under 5 years of age. It is a cigar which needs time to evolve. The narrow guage lends it strength but it has a honey and cocoa/coffee note which is its signature. These profiles develop at the 5 year mark and even the 06 Lanceros I have tasted have lacked this development (whereas many other 06 cigars have been exceptional and complex for such a young age). Frustration for the Lancero (for me) comes from construction issues (much improved) and the long lead time for it to develop its true self.

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