Bolivar Simones Canadian RE (96/100)

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ok fellas i know rob was asking for a review about these. they are great so i do hope you get some in and let us know.

i am not to good at explaining as much as i like pic's .so there are more pics than words.


i pulled the boli out of my humi and gave it a few pre-light puffs, this gave off the aroma of that boli cocoa & earthy tones i found familiar with most bolivars.




this boli definatly has a very oily and dark wrapper.



i smoke my morning cigars with DD hazelnut coffee. i am not a big coffee drinker and i know the kona heads would flip thier lids, but DD hazelnut goes so good together with habanos.


the first few puffs after firing this beast up were not the regular boli tastes that i usually get with bolivars, even though it did have those before i lit it.




this cigar was very juicy and smooth with toasty,cocoa and nutty aroma's. definalty a medium to full flavor cigar.




i found this smoke ready to go, of course it will get better with age but it is decent already, it gives off spicey almost bread like aroma during the middle and second half of the smoke. that boli taste starts to come back half way through as well. it was definalty all over the place flavor wise, which i guess should be expected with the RE's price and availablity wise. it's not a good thing to get and RE that is plain and bland, this cigar certainly does not fit that profile.



I will be rating this smoke very highly, i would love to get a hold of a few more for a rainy day.

i would rate this a 96 out of 100.


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hi, well i think that yours pictures are good, i dont taste the bolivar but i think that is like cohiba, the cohiba is so nice, sweet and sicy too in the same time, well i would like to send you more about my cigars, i think that the next time i send you more about my delilcious cohiba, take care and write me soon.. bye... » ok fellas i know rob was asking for a review about these. they are great so


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